Convention Programme 2019


Tuesday 8 October 2019
12h00-13h00 Local AA Group (Topic meeting)

Wednesday 9 October 2019
18h30-19h30 Pre-convention Informal AA Meeting
18h30-19h30 Pre-convention Informal Al-Anon Meeting

Thursday 10 October 2019
15h00-18h15 Registration/Information Desk Open (Lobby)
18h30-19h30 Pre-convention AA Meeting (open) (Salle Makila)
20h00 31st Anniversary Celebration meal in venue restaurant (reserve here)

Friday 11 October 2019
15h00-19h00 Registration/Information Desk Open (Lobby)
19h30-20h00 Welcoming/Opening Ceremony (Salle Kirola)
20h00-21h00 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
22h00-??h?? Marathon Pop-in Pop-out Meeting (Salle Kirola)
22h00-??h?? Al-Anon Meeting/s (Salle Makila)

Saturday 12 October 2019
07h00-08h00 Early Bird AA Meeting (tbd)
07h00-08h00 Early Bird Al-Anon Meeting (tbd)
09h00-18h30 Registration/Information Desk Opens (Lobby)
09h30-10h30 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
09h30-13h00 Al-Anon/Breakout meetings (Sale Makila)
11h00-12h00 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
13h00-20h00 Al-Anon/Breakout Meeting(s) (Salle Makila)
13h30-14h30 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
15h00-16h00 Speaker Presentation Meeting (Salle Kirola)
16h30-18h30 Speaker Presentation Meeting (Salle Kirola)
19h00-20h00 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
20h00-22h00 Banquet (This is an ‘extra’ event)
BANQUET: Advanced Booking and Payment Is ESSENTIAL)
22h00-02h00 Musical & Social Gathering (Tbd/Salle Kirola)
22h00-02h00 Pop-in/Pop-out Open Meetings (Salle Makila)

Sunday 13 October 2019
07h00-08h00 Early Bird AA Meeting (tbd)
07h00-08h00 Early Bird Al-Anon Meeting (tbd)
09h00-10h00 Speaker/Discussion Meeting (Salle Kirola)
09h00-10h00 Al-Anon Meeting (Salle Makila)
10h45-12h00 Closing Ceremony
(Old-Timers panel – Raffle Draw – Countdown – Final Announcements
18h00-19h00 Stay-Overs’ Meeting (open) (Salle Kirola)

Monday 15 October 2018
18h00-19h00 ‘Stay-Overs’ Informal Meeting (Open) (tbd)

Tuesday 16 October 2018
07h00-08h00 AA/Al-Anon Early Bird Meeting (open) (tbd)
12h00-13h00 AA Meeting (Open) (MVC Polo Beyris / Local Group Meeting)

Salle Kirola = AA Meetings
Salle Makila = Al-Anon Open & Others Meetings

Local meetings
Regular English speaking meetings (Biarritz)
Tuesdays at 12h00/Thursdays at 19h00. Info here & here
Regular French speaking meetings take place as follows:
Monday (Cambo), Tuesday (Bayonne), Wednesday, (Anglet), Thursday (Bayonne), Friday (Biarritz) (see 64 Pyrenees-Atlantiques)
Regular Spanish speaking meetings take place each day in San Sebastian (see Donostia), Irun, and Zarautz. Details here and English speaking here

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